PEI IT Conference launched at Summerside by Oct 15 2021

Better opportunities to explore all the potentials in the market. We are happy the success of event launched.

This IT conference focuses on overcoming the everyday challenges of IT pros and how to straddle the lines between and tech, with plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax with like-minded professionals, include Smart home, Supply Chain Management, E Learning, Website development, Work at flexible environment.

Sessions are connected 40+ attendees & guests by face to face meeting plus conference meeting. An intimate experience with informative IT knowledge and potential collaborations brings an insight to our honor guests, partners, sponsors.

Our Honor Guests:

Mayor Basil, The City of Summerside, Downtown Summerside,

Neil Moore, The City of Summerside, Economic Development,

Tara Maddix &Lorna Walsh, The Summerside Chamber of Commerce,

Cora Lee Dunbar & Ali Siadat, PEI Connector.

Appreciated working with our partners and our sponsors;

Partners as host

- Louis Lean, Favouroo Digital

- Peter Lai, SkynOcean Solutions

- Alice Tsang, & Endy Okoronkwa, Base Advance Technology

- Fion Liu, KL Link

- Heidi Lai, Accelerator Training Services

Sponsors by

- Kiki Bakery

- Mihme Import and Export Corp.

- New Life Building

- Hope Technology Solutions

Last but not least, we are glad to announce a donation is contributed to the QEH Foundation in support of the NICU project. Thanks Tracy to give a speech for the QEH Foundation.

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