ODOO's E-Learning Platform!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Our latest product from our partnership with ODOO is in full effect! Welcome to ODOO's E-Learning platform!

ODOO's E-Learning platform comes with many features for you to use such as SEO optimization tools, advanced reporting features, graphs and metrics, as well as other features you would expect to see on an online learning platform such as quizzes, tests, all different types of media support, question pools, attempt limits, etc.

ODOO's E-Learning platform even offers ways to gamify courses to improves the students motivation by allowing them to earn badges to display on their profile, gain experience which is known as Karma on the platform, and even level up their profile.

We give you the ability to take full advantage of the e-learning platform by guiding you through the process of getting started with online learning, creating some example courses to guide you, offering support during the PGL (Post Go Live) stage, and giving you continued support through your endeavors on the platform. We hope to see you along the way! Contact Us at:

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